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The portrait is essential to virtually every form of fine art, from painting and sculpture to video and photography. Portraiture tells us about a particular individual while revealing something universal. In this workshop you will learn technical, organizational, spiritual and philosophical skills basic to any work of art. The initial objective is to produce a physical resemblance to the model and then progress toward exposing the elusive inner life (sometimes at the expense of physical likeness). Although this workshop focuses on drawing, you will explore several approaches to portraiture using charcoal, graphite, acrylics, ink washes and water-based paint.

Any necessary materials for the workshop will be communicated to enrolled students by the instructor in advance or covered in the first class.


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Portrait Drawing
9:00AM to 12:00PM
Sep 12, 2020 to Dec 05, 2020
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Virtual Campus  
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Basic Enrollment Requirements: High School students will be prompted to submit an additional application after enrollment including: a high school transcript, letter of recommendation, parental permission, and other required consent forms.

Instructor Approval: Not Required.

Remission Eligible: Not Eligible.

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