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The intent of this course is to develop an understanding of the factors that shape the selling of food in the United States. Drawing from business, psychology, economics, and law, we will explore the methods and efforts to sell food. This not a marketing course as seen in business schools; rather, we explore the market context of food from multiple lenses to understand how this context influences food choice. We will consider how government shapes the efforts of the private sector to connect with consumers. We will use case studies and projects with firms to ground our learning in the actual experiences of firms, government actors, and non-governmental organizations. We will also use reflective essays based on peer-reviewed literature to assess critically presentations from representatives of the involved sectors. Our assessment of the food system will benefit from speakers from industry, non-profits, and the government. Formerly titled: Health Claims and the Food Industry. Pre-requisite: Graduate standing or instructor consent.

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Food from Production to Mkt
3:15PM to 6:15PM
Sep 09, 2019 to Dec 16, 2019
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  • Boston Health Sciences Campus
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On Campus  
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3 credit(s)
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Basic Enrollment Requirements: Unofficial Transcript - Bachelor's + 3.0 GPA; If you do not yet have a Bachelor's degree, please contact the instructor for approval to take the course and email us at Courses@tufts.edu; You will be contacted after registration for required evidence of immunization; please contact lucia.fenney@tufts.edu with any questions regarding immunizations; At least once course in biology or chemistry, and least one prior course in agriculture. Please note that courses cannot be repeated and students may only enroll in 4 NUTR, 2 NUTB, or 1 NUTC course prior to matriculation.

Instructor Approval: Not required

Remission Eligible: Yes; first day of term

Refund Policy: For-Credit 3+ Weeks

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