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(Cross-listed as HIST 0076 and CLS 0026.) Survey of roughly 4,000 years of ancient Egyptian and Near Eastern civilization spanning c. 3,200 BCE to 651 CE. Analysis of the interrelations between art, architecture, history, and ideology, as preserved in material culture, inscriptions, and literary texts: pyramids, temples, tombs, settlements and cities, exceptional masterpieces and artifacts of daily life. Multiple excursions into religion, diplomacy, hieroglyphic writing, and artistic technique. Examination of the internal and external relations of Egypt in the context of a world system that included the kingdoms and empires of the Near East and the Mediterranean: from the Sumerians, Assyrians, Hittites, and Babylonians, to the Achaemenid Persian Empire, Alexander the Great, and the Imperium Romanum.

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Ancient Egypt
May 22, 2019 to Jun 28, 2019
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Credit or Non-Credit: High School Students credit (4 units) $3,960.00 or $450.00 deposit Click here to get more information
Credit: Undergraduate Level credit (4 units) $3,960.00 or $450.00 deposit
Non-Credit: Auditor credit (4 units) $1,300.00
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4 credit(s)
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