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This course aims to expand student’s knowledge on a variety of common pathophysiological conditions and integrate this knowledge with the intervention of clinical nutrition therapies. Students will learn about the basic elements of medical nutritional therapy. These include nutritional assessment, which incorporates the use of anthropometric, biochemical and clinical data to determine nutritional status. Particular emphasis is placed on understanding energy expenditure and body composition and their components, and how these may change during physiological stress or illness. Students then learn about enteral and parenteral nutrition and fundamental aspects of nutrition support. These core elements are then applied in the study of various disease states and clinical nutrition therapy. Students also have the opportunity to explore diet and disease in an approved area of their interest through written and oral presentation. Prerequisite courses: Nutrition Science, General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry, Human Biology or Physiology. This course is open only to students who are in the Blended Master of Nutrition Science and Policy Program.

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Section Title
Adv Med Nutr Therapy
May 20, 2020 to Aug 16, 2020
Instruction Method
Hybrid - On Campus and Online  
Available for Credit
3 credit(s)
Section Notes

Online Course Notes: This course takes place 100% online. This is an online synchronous course that requires attendance at all sessions. Tufts online courses are designed to provide high-quality, flexible, and interactive courses to Tufts and visiting students. For more information about online course policies and expectations, please visit https://universitycollege.tufts.edu/online/online-learning

Basic Enrollment Requirements: Unofficial Transcript - Bachelor's + 3.0 GPA. You will be contacted after registration for required evidence of immunization; please contact lucia.fenney@tufts.edu with any questions regarding immunizations. Please note this course is primarily online but requires a classroom-based residency that takes place during the week of June 1-June 6, 2020. Please contact lynne.ausman@tufts.edu with any questions. Please note that courses cannot be repeated and students may only enroll in 4 NUTR, 2 NUTB, or 1 NUTC course prior to matriculation.

Pre-requisites: Students should have taken Nutrition Science, General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry, Human Biology or Physiology.

Instructor Approval: During registration, you will be asked to explain how you meet the pre-requisites for this course and to describe any relevant experience. The instructor will use this information to confirm your enrollment or will otherwise be in touch with you.

Refund Policy: Course Policy 1

Remission Eligibility: Yes; first day of term; all university policies apply.

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